My No.1 Recommendation

Congratulations on landing on a page that could potentially change your life, and the best part of it is that you don’t have to part with a cent!

When I was looking around for something like this, all I found were scams, some were obvious, some were not, most of them were sent to my email. I needed to make more cash online because I needed the money, and I figured the whole world or at least 3 billion people are now online so the market place is huge.

This lead me to surveys, I didn’t get very far with those, I found them boring and the monetary reward for doing these was a pittance.

The next thing I noticed was Secret Shopping, that didn’t excite me too much either once I researched the effort that has to go into completing an assignment.

Finally I came across The Money Shed and spent a few hours reading posts and blogs. They mostly promote Matched Betting .  I read a post on The Money Shed somewhere referring to Wealthy Affiliate being clogged with lots of simple “How to” videos. I reasoned, what’s wrong with that?

So, off I went and googled Wealthy Affiliate and ended up at their homepage which immediately invited me to join the community

I registered and completed my account signup and I was in! What the hell do I do next then?

A short while later I received a personal welcome from Kyle, the CO-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, he introduced himself and sent me my first training, names Getting Started

Kyle does emphasis through the first phase of the training that you are not forced to upgrade to Premium, you can easily stay on the Starter Program, the problem with that is that you only get access to the first phase of the training, although you can still build a successful business from that. During the initial 7 days of your membership, you’re given access to the whole lot which is clearly designed to whet your appetite.

When I realised month1 was just $19, I didn’t even hesitate, I paid up. I figured that even if it’s rubbish, for $19, I’ve not lost much.

Month 2 onward is $47 and you might think that this is a big hike and you would be right, BUT let’s take into account what you get for your money!

Money Well Spent

For me, I got a brand new education in an industry I knew NOTHING about, I’ve learned how to build a traffic producing website and monetize it.

I’ve learned about SEO – in detail, PPC , exactly how to write Quality Keyword Targeted Content, and it’s the content that is absolutely vital to the success of your business.

While I’m on the subject of content, it’s absolutely vital that you understand here and now that content is going to be the difference between the success or failure of your business, make no mistake about it. The best thing is that Wealthy Affiliate covers this in great detail within the training.

So, what are you writing content about? Answer: Whatever it is that interests you, and by this I don’t mean random blogging either.

This Is The First Step

Think of a topic that really excites you, something that you could talk about all day long and then some, so it could be photography, cooking, football, metal detecting, magic tricks, and then so on. These topics are incredibly broad so you would need to narrow these right down to be able to understand your audience, no problem, I can easily help you with that. It’s called a niche and it’s explained here

Once you decide on your topic, you need to build your site, this is where the fun begins and where you would normally become overwhelmed, but not here. The training for this is phenomenal, literally step by step and click by click, the ONLY way you can go wrong is by not following the training.

So, in something like three clicks, you have the very bare bones of a site built, you then add your framework and start creating your content which very nicely takes me on to the third step which is Getting rankings and visitors.

Rankings means that each piece of content you produce is found by the search engines, so primarily Google, Bing and Yahoo. It’s is entirely down to their algorythm where they decide to rank you, and initially you won’t get anywhere interesting. Your objective is to achieve position 1 on page 1, if not then definitely somewhere close to the top. Does your audience really want to wade through several pages on search to find you?

So, how do you get to Page 1, position 1? Simple, CONTENT again, quality in-depth content and it won’t happen straightaway in fact it could take several months for it to happen, and that is exactly the time frame when many members make a terrible mistake and quit! Quitting really is the worse thing to do, because success takes time.

It’s also quite possible that it will take several months go get visitors ,that’s only because you haven’t proved yourself to the search engines, but once you do, your visitor numbers WILL skyrocket, and visitors leads naturally to income.

That’s the best bit because if you’re prepared to work your back side off for months on end, see nothing for it, but trust in the system, then eventually your income is going to be like a river that’s burst it’s bank, money Will flood in.

If you do decide to join and for it, I will immediately send you a handful of success stories from other members to almost quit themselves but instead pushed on and now many are making $10k per MONTH, and that didn’t happen overnight, but it DID happen.

So, What Else Do You Get For Your Money Then?

Multiple Levels of Training – Following A Process

Whether you are just starting out or have been with WA for a while, there is training that will be beneficial to you. Training ranges from beginner to advanced and as you move through the ranks, you will truly grow your knowledge base and if you work hard and stay on task, your bank account.

Video training, Step-by-step Tutorials and Courses

For those of you that can’t learn by simply reading a pre-prepared presentation, Wealthy Affiliate is made for you! They offer training videos and interactive courses that allow you to remain engaged and on task. Going through the step-by-step tutorials will definitely pay off in the end as you progress from choosing an interest, to building a website, to getting rankings and visitors before beginning to earn your revenue. Wealthy Affiliate will take you through the whole process, providing you with tips, advice and constant support along the way.

Large Community – Currently over 800,000 people just like YOU

When using the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you will never be alone! Never. There are hundreds of thousands of community members that are frequently interacting and helping each other grow and prosper.

Easy-to-Build Websites  – TWO free immediately

Whether you have a couple free websites from your free membership or unlimited from the Premium plan, you will have access to Themes that are extremely easy to build.

Website Hosting

Something that is sometimes understated is the value of free website hosting. Outside of the WA platform, website hosting costs about $10 per month. That can certainly add up in the end if you are paying for website hosting separately. If you are planning on hosting at least four websites, the Premium Membership essentially pays for itself!


This could be seen as they holy grail when going Premium, SSL comes free on that plan, an automatic guaranteed saving of at least $100 per site

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it’s a technology that allows a website to transfer data over an encrypted connection. You’ll notice that the WA Members area is over an SSL connection by the “https://” protocol at the beginning of the domain name. This means that any interaction that you have from your browser, to WA is completely secure over a 256-bit connection meaning that it’s all but impossible to hack.

Yes, but what exactly does this mean for a website?

A website that is running over SSL can securely accept payments for one, but another big thing is that the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc, are starting to give some weight to sites that are served over SSL. In other words, your site may benefit from being secure for your visitors.

SSL can cost upwards of $100/year, plus setup fees, and special server requirements that a lot of web hosts charge for. Wealthy Affiliate believe that everyone has a right to have a SECURE website for their website visitors, and this is why it is offered for FREE to any websites hosted here at WA.

My Final Thoughts

I am always very sceptical about this sort of thing because I know how these things can appear to be very convincing, so when I join something like this, I’m always hesitant, that’s not the case with Wealthy Affiliate.

It only took me a week to realise it, and the only negative I can offer you from my time here is that if you’re not careful, it can become very addictive. You do find yourself spending more time within the community interacting instead of building your site, which is why you’re here in the first place, so you need to do everything you can to maintain focus and once you achieve that, you really are on the road to success!