1. Hi Dave,
    I was looking into starting a home- based business. I’m glad I ran into your site and see what I’m looking for.
    But, I’m not sure where to start though. As a complete newbie, what type of work do you recommend?
    Please suggest.

    • Personally, I would go for a business or niche that you enjoy and would bounce out of bed every morning to crack on with it. It would also depend on which country you reside in because some businesses and programs aren’t available in every country, at least not for a free starter. I tend to just recommend Wealthy Affiliate (review) but this depends on your level of experience and skill set, and if you’re prepared to wait for Google to grant you the traffic and conversions that you desire.
      Alternatively, if you’re happy to just “Punch out the numbers” and build a Karatbars business it’s easily possible, with some work, to earn significant residual income in 13 weeks / 3 months.

      Do you have experience with either of these businesses? I’d be happy to guide you through the set up process, and it’s free anyway so you have nothing to lose.

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