How To Sell Mary Kay Products

Founded by Mary Kay Ash in 1963, Mary Kay Inc. is a private company. Therefore the sales results of their self-reported by the company. In 2011, the company reported $2.9 billion in revenue and around 5,000 employees. Direct Sales News Mary Kay Place, the world’s number four in 2015 DSN 100 in 2014 with $4 billion.   mary kay beauty


In perspective, Avon (main competitor) takes second place with $8.9 billion. NuSkin 9th had a revenue of $2.75 billion in 2014. Traditional cosmetics private organizations (mortar and brick) As Sephora ($2.11 billion) is definitely close, but not in sales.


If you had an impression on Mary Kay’s was brand supporting aging blue hair sporting waves eyes and Foundation Gel that is old, have a re-think.

Mary Kay Ash’s son Richard Rogers, head the primary manufacturing facility (also hay plants in China and Europe, but where it is now closed).

She was a genius at all levels: marketing, branding, highest sales transaction of one of the most successful companies direct sales have ever been created. Everyone knows what it means when the color is pink caddy rolls up: Today, they can be seen in the Cadillac CTS and DTS (Consultants option of pay equivalent to $900 a Month) as a rental option to buy.


The company gave a lot of money last December, the Humanitarian of May Kay donated $100,000 to shelters for domestic violence and that’s just a Canadian initiative. There are similar stories around the world, where the Foundation gives each year.


Starting and Setting for training

The initial charge to begin with Mary Kay’s as an independent beauty consultant is $100 After payment, you are given a membership starter pack of $100 containing around $200 of May Kay products. These products can be sold, but most of the time is used for product samples that customers use original demonstrations.


Mary Kay gives a pre-built website which is optional. It is actually cheaper than in most other companies to consider. The first year costs only $25, and every year thereafter it will be $50 per year.


Now, of course, you can purchase lots of items. You and your sponsor can decide how much the purchase will be. Note, what initial costs will grow on how Mary Kay items you want to sell to customers


It is known to remain an active consultant to Mary Kay Beauty you must order at least $200 in three months of products. It’s about $67 dollars a month ($200 is split into 3 months).


In addition, they offer something called Silver winds new free online web for Mary Kay Consultants Office. Its videos and other training materials to help people succeed in join Mary Kay’s business opportunities.


Investment time

Home exhibitions in the client’s home. Whether a customer can invite a friend to watch these shows. Most customers bottle and carry a bottle. Some people use Social media sites e.g. Facebook or Myspace to connect with people in their area.


In a week, a consultant has to attend training at the home of the director. The consultants can invite clients to get to know the product or even join the opportunity. They point out that they do not pressure anyone to join or buy their products is definitely a wonderful thing to hear. I can testify that GCP is really talking to Kay’s counselor can do it without any pressure without obligation while I’m on the list.


As you can see, we offer a true support system to give people the opportunity to connect with others. If you are the person who needs this relationship to be motivated learning staff and get better results, then Mary Kay is a good opportunity to join.



Products are studied by the child, so the company is working with independent health and safety practitioners. There is a guarantee of satisfaction for all products offering an exchange, terms for full replacement or refund, if the customer is not satisfied, they are. Show market research, 90% of product satisfaction rates.


The products have not been tested on animal products since the founding of the Dallas Brand in the US market. China’s rain: On the other hand, produced in experimental animals, but just because it’s needed for Chinese law.


The products were developed only by Mary Kay scientists only for the market. The R & D wing is huge and generous. Only last year, over 130 patents were awarded a total of more than twelve hundred patents for innovative products, technology, and packaging design.


Some recent patents are in the line of anti aging skin care: Mary Kay TimeWise Repair, Volu Farm Filler, Mary Kay Time, Wise Body Targeted Toner and Mary Kay Eye Cream.


There are six major product categories:

Body and Sun


Skin protection





Prices are incredibly reasonable. Here is a little detail:


Age-fighting moisturizer: $24.

Broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen: $24

Cologne spray: $50

Hand cream: $10

Ultimate Mascara: $15

Men’s facial wash: $16


New products are available at all time and customers can browse the Mary Kay website, the CIB website, the electronic catalog or person at the beauty salon at home. The makeup comes in fashion colors and a wide selection of classic combos.There special offers to attract customers. It includes things like:


Free skin care advice

Free makeup consultancy

Spark Mary Kay party and get the product for free

The site is full of useful and fun tips and tips



Become an independent beauty consultant is easy. The startup cost is low at $100 and retail consultants earn 50% if sold in retail. With this powerful beginning, no wonder there are three and a half years of Mary Kay consultants around the world millions.

The Starter Kit comes with the size of retail products to show for distribution of samples, brochures, and DVDs. There are often special offers for new IBCs with limited time as today:


Free eCard Business Card

Free personalized color view

50% discount on Mary Kay’s website

40% savings on business card business card

If it turns out that selling Mary Kay cosmetics is not for you, the company will buy a starter kit at 90% of the cost, provided that these products are not used. This offer is valid for one year from the purchase.


There is a comprehensive training available. The commission starts when the IBC gets to the level of a senior adviser, how much it earns a 4% commission on all sales referrals. That number increases as it rises through the rows to the progressive 13%.


In case you’re wondering: Yes, there is another incentive for a color pink cardillac. The best-selling are given two year lease of the color pink Cadillac. There are other levels of  benefit now: White Chevrolet Cruze, which comes in one color red (limited edition) as well. This program is available on IBC qualifications, they can opt for a $375 a monthly payment.


Moving on the Independent Sales Director ladder, and you can choose Chevrolet Equinox Camry or Cash Equivalent of $500 per month.


For all car incentives to reach the quota for the month will result in paying part of the rent alone. For a color pink Cadillac, the IBC must sell more than $100,000 in a year.


In conclusion

Brand recognition, unique products, and a strong support network for IBCs are a major attraction for women who want to join Mary Kay Inc. sales company continues to grow, the company continues to produce patents at an alarming rate and they have done everything right in terms of a corporate vision, Social responsibility and support of their products. Every woman should definitely become Mary Kay IBC.



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