Karatbars (KB)

What is Karatbars?

It’s a private company, Headquartered in Europe, which allows you to exchange cash for currency grade gold bullion one gram at a time.

Cash (pound notes) depreciate over time, and gold being a precious metal increases in value over time. Think in 2016 what £50 will buy you, nowadays it’s not even a tank of fuel for the car, it would’ve been 10 years ago. 10 years from now, it’ll probably cost  over £100 to fill the car up.


KB 50pund

Now these cards come in 1g / 2.5g / 5g bars. The most efficient way to add to your gold ownership is to exchange your cash for 5g bars, as this works out more cost effective.

You can “buy” this cards as often as you want, one a month or one a year, it really is up to you but the more regular you buy these, the quicker you’re increasing your wealth.

And now for the best bit…….

Take just 10 minutes out to watch this Video Presentation it could be the best video you watch all year

If you refer or introduce a couple of friends to this, you end up getting FREE gold from Karatbars, and there’s nothing cheaper than FREE.  You also get paid a commission if your friends buy their gold through your site

Click here for a full explanation of how this works. Allow yourself some time to absorb the information here. Take action and  sign up

You will be fully supported in setting up and running your Gold business, as it’s in everyone’s best interest to support each other


  1. I’ve always been a wantrepreneur in this gold business because of the risk involved.I hope when I have enough money for to consider long term investment,I will venture into it. Thanks for this great post.

    • You only need to invest enough for a bronze package, not sure what that is in USD but if you save a bit every month, you’ll be well on your way in no time, in fact before Trump takes office will be the best time to invest if you can.

      Do you need any help with getting started and submitting KYC?

  2. Hi Dave
    very interesting information. I’ve listened to Robert Kiyosaki for years talking about buying gold and silver and how savers are losers because governments just keep printing money but I’ve never really looked into the process of buying gold. Thank you for sharing

    • Thanks Diego, you really should go for it, especially with the volatile markets we have at the moment, there’s so much uncertainty around what with Trump and Brexit, this really is THE easiest business to be involved with. Would you like help with registering and getting started?

    • Thank you for asking for more info. I really recommend you watch this
      It tells you everything you need to know.
      I cancelled my company pension to do Karatbars as I paid my pension at £75 per month and was only make £10 per month at best. That’s no good so now I make much more for a one off payment on the bronze package. If you like what you see, register for an affiliate account and I’ll help you get set up.

  3. Dave, thank you for sharing this information. I watched the presentation again and I was still very impressed. It made perfect sense, especially with our paper money losing ground. Mine for sure, as our $ in Canada is low right now. Also, with the election results in the US some people might have concerns about their own $. I do think I will do this. I have nothing to lose ever on this kind of investment.
    Even if someone could not invest immediately, it is worth looking at and joining as an affiliate.

    • It’s worth watching a few times and watching the rest on YouTube, there’s so many and they’re produced on a regular basis.
      You’re absolutely right on the currency, when we in the UK voted for BREXIT, it caused our pound (GBP) to crash to the floor as investors lost confidence over night. No one expected us to vote ourselves out. Now we’ll have to see how it all pans out in the months and years ahead.
      As for your dollar and the US dollar, again, you’re right that about it devaluing, especially now the US President is to be Donald Trump, again NO ONE expected that to happen and again it rocked people’s confidence to the core as global markets crashed. The US is supposed to be seen as the global superpower so to see someone who’s incredibly wealthy but with ZERO political experience take office stunned everyone.
      Admittedly after a good few hours the markets did rally, BUT this will happen again in January next year when he actually does take office. The USD will drop, maybe to rock bottom while the world watches with anticipation to see what his plans are.

      Of course, this doesn’t happen with gold, it retains its value year on year, of course it price might fluctuate by a few cents daily, but essentially it will only ever increase, therefore the logical response to this would be to exchange your currency, which ever it might be GBP in my case over to Karatbars.
      If you need help with doing this, I can show you what you need to do, and as you say if you’re not ready to invest in gold just yet, it’s worth opening up an account sooner rather than later so when the time does come, you’re good to go.
      Would you like me to help you get started as an affiliate? It’s a really easy process and the rewards greatly outweigh the investment. To get started, you’re best going for a Bronze package unless you want to go straight to the top (VIP) and earn maximum commission. What would you prefer to do?

  4. Very interesting information Dave. Thank you for sharing. I watched the video and it is impressive. I see a few people think gold investing is not such a good idea. What do you think about short term Like 3 -5 years?
    All through the video I could not help but think about a very large gold mine opening in my province B.C. Canada and it will offer 500 jobs. Sounds like a plus to me. Looking forward to learning more.

    • Thanks for your comment Merry, society has taught us that our own currencies are the best way to trade for our goods, so coming away from something with is actually worthless is not easy. Whichever way you look at it, your money doesn’t have as much spending power as it did 5 years ago and it will have even less than it does in 5 years time.
      5 years time your investment in Karatbars will only ever increase. I know several people who invested at the beginning, just 5 years ago and now make $10k per month every month. Where else can you get such a good return on investment.
      My best advice would be to register for a free account,watch this presentation have a good look around the site, invest in a Bronze package as a minimum and just ask everyone you know to watch the same presentation. That’s exactly what I do, and will continue to do. Do you think you will do it too?

  5. Nnamdi

    Hmmm…. this is really a very good way to invest, especially a person that wants to embark on a long-term investment. Because this will pay off eventually. If I may ask, does this company render this service to anyone from any part of the world or people from Europe alone?

    • Thanks for your comments, Karatbars is a global company and are active in something like 120 countries, there’s a few countries Karatbars can’t access as yet due to various trading laws. Which country are you from? Depending on if you’re interested in this I can give you a 100EURO discount card which can be applied against the VIP package, alternatively, the cheapest package is the Bronze for 120EUR – Have a look at http://www.thismightbeofinterest.com/dapage

  6. Chris

    All excellent information. Never really thought i could afford to invest in something like gold before. Thought you had to be a millionaire buying gold bars! 😉

    Is the price of gold going up quickly at the minute? Also do you have to pay much in terms of fees etc. To the company you are buying from?

    • Dave Page

      The whole idea of Karat Bars is “Gold for the masses” In the 9 months that I’ve been involved, the value has steadily increased, I’ve not got many bars yet but by the end of the year I want to be “buying” 5 grams a month. You also get golf for FREE if you refer 2 other people your self. You can’t get anything cheaper than FREE. The only fee is for a credit card charge

  7. Kristof

    Interesting website, though I personally think it’s quite risky to invest in gold, unless it’s a long term investment. It is a myth that gold value always increases. For example on May 6, 2013 the gold was traded for $1,796. Since then the value went down to $1,046 on November 30, 2015. Now it’s $1,287. It took those prices from OANDA Gold CFD chart. So, you’re right the price is going up now, but it could go down again in the future. So, it’s still a risky investment. What do you think?

    • Dave Page

      Hello Kristof, thanks for your comments. This is exactly what it’s designed for, a long term investment of 5 -10+ years. As with every precious commodity, short term the value will go up or down. If you invest cash in any banking institute, your Rate of interest is a pittance, and do you think the value of cash will ever go up??

      As an example, did you get more goods from EUR50 10 or even 5 years ago than you do today with the same EUR50

  8. stefan

    Thanks for valuable information. I have never exchanged money for gold and now I see it may be an interesting option. Can the price of gold devalue over time or it will always grow? Is it better than leaving the money on or savings account? And another question is there any disadvantage buying gold? Thanks a lot

    • Dave Page

      Hello Stefan, most people haven’t. We only tend to see currency as paper money as that’s all we’ve ever known. Gold, like any other precious metal will only ever go up as it’s ALWAYS in demand, think about what we use gold for, not just jewellery. It’s used in electronic component amongst others.

      Paper money like £ $ will eventually go down as it’s constantly depreciating. I’ll use GBP as an example as I’m from the UK.

      Back in 2006, what do you think you could buy for £50, I remember easily being able to fill my car up with fuel and get a coffee with it.

      Now in 2016, it takes £80+ to do the same thing and no coffee, so with paper money there’s less spending power.

      Fast forward to 2026, it’ll probably cost well over £100+ to fill up the car, so you see “money is always losing value”

      In 1991 when I left school my first proper job was paying £7k pa. I was over the moon. Who can work full time for 7k now? No-one.

      Russia and China are buying tonnes of gold and have been for a few years now, I wanted to send you a PDF to explain that but can’t see how to add attachments but a simple google search will explain.

      As far leaving your money in a savings account, the interest rate on it is a pittance, so why bother? But this is what we’ve always done so that’s what we still do.

      I hope my response has explained further why buying gold in 1g quantities is beneficial?



  9. Luke

    Interesting article. I’m not sure about investing in gold, many people think it’s a great thing to do. I’m just not knowledgeable enough in the subject to know. Hopefully people can find some value and knowledge out of this as well. Good luck with your business and everything else. Thank you.

    • Dave Page

      Thanks Luke, I didn’t have a clue about it until 2014 myself, buying gold seemed like something you see in the movies with an armoured van pulling up to a back door to shift a couple of pallets of it. Clearly I’ve watched too much of Bruce Willis type movies! If you’re interested, I can send you information about the benefits of the business?



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